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Johnny's Got a Gun

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"It touts a bluesy vibe...subdued yet dynamic with delivery....fuses elements of post-rock and reaches some impressive peaks...one talented artist”

- The Even Ground

"Broke in Stereo might prove itself as the new talked about Brooklyn band...combines alternative rock with a classic blues influence”

- FlavorPill

Johnny's Got A Gun - Broke in Stereo


Broke in Stereo is the artist  name of American songwriter, producer and performer Cabell Harris. The music’s sound stems from an eclectic combination of influences that range from rock, blues, folk, soul, jazz, and hip-hop. Described as blues rock with an experimental and alternative sound.

The curious California born and raised songwriter and musician Cabell Harris has been an avid musician since age 5. After high school he attended  Berklee College of Music in Boston. Following graduation in 2009 from Berklee, Harris took up residence in Buenos Aires, Argentina  and spent extensive time abroad traveling South America by bus. In 2011 Harris returned to the US appearing on the Southern, CA scene as a songwriter and educator. In 2013 Harris set up base in Brooklyn, NY and founded the band out of Flatbush, Brooklyn 2014 releasing the debut EP “Ear Art” 2015 including 4 tracks featured on the now full-length album “Auditory Artifacts”; set to release April 1, 2017.

Broke in Stereo gained notice with the release of their debut music video “Dark Side”. The BMI affiliated artist can be found in the catalogues of Crucial Music and more recently, Gratitude Sound. Recently completing a tour the band is now preparing a return by invitation of the western US. Announcements for new releases coming soon.

Johnny's Got A Gun

Broke in Stereo is excited to announce the release of the latest single “Johnny's Got A Gun”. Produced in the Los Angeles based recording studio House On A Hill. A narrative about gun violence in our schools and the stereotypical experience for kids on the outside of the inner circle of popularity.


“The back of the class is for cool kids awesome, the corner or the side is for losers not fun. Back in the yard where they all go play get a lay of the land where the lessons pay. Johnny’s pretty smart but he’s got no friends, got an itch he wanna scratch so he sees a trend. A gun in your hand and you get your way, if no one gunna like you then bullets gunna spray.”



“Johnny’s got a gun. Everybody run cuz Johnny’s got a gun.”


“The steel feel cold and it’s heavy in his hand and he feels real strong like a full grown man. 

He goes back to school and he tries to hide but the bullies and the crowds just push and pry. The day comes up where he's had his fill so Johnny pulls it out, it’s the real cold steel.”




“Put the pill on the back of your tongue and feel it as it goes down slowly. We don't feel our feelings here. What’s wrong with you? We pray loud because we are holy. Put the pill on the back of you tongue.”



Written & Produced: Cabell Harris

Mix: Cabell Harris

Master: un-mastered

Studio: House On The Hill

Release: 12/07/19

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© 2014 by Cabell Harris